This website is for anyone interested in building cool Arduino electronic gadgets using simple prototyping techniques.Arduino is an open source microcontroller board that you can program to control LEDs, measure temperature, react to light, interface to GPS satellites, and do much more.

Arduino is the ultimate tool for makers looking to add control to their projects. A quick search online for “Arduino projects” returns millions of hits. There are thousands of projects and ideas available on sites like Instructables, hackster.io, and YouTube. That shows just how many makers out there are using Arduino.


There are dozens of different microcontrollers and development platforms out there, in market , so why are we focus only to Arduino?

The answer lies in the simple fact that Arduino was not originally created for makers, engineers, or hobbyists but for design students of Interaction Design Institute in the city of Ivrea, Italy aiming to provide a low-cost and easy way for novices and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators.

Arduino did its job so well that the maker community and hobbyists picked up the platform and ran with it. This is due to a number of factors—low price, good documentation, open source hardware— but we think the core reason Arduino is so popular is that it is easy to learn on. Arduino is a gateway for anyone into making, inventing, and prototyping projects.

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